If it hurts, keep paddling
Water practice

Practice on water

Anyone can learn to paddle, but the process to become a great paddler never stops. Practice is every other Saturday 9am or Sunday 6pm. Before races, we do both and add in a Wednesday 6:30pm practice.

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Land workouts

Practice on land

Although water practice is the best way to practice, working on your overall health, core, and stamina is crucial to becoming a stronger paddler. Join us for our bootcamp Mondays at Westview Middle School.

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Join a team

The best thing about dragon boat is the people! Meet and become friends with people you’d otherwise never come across, including those from teams around the world. Become a part of the dragon boat community!

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Be a competitior

Become a competitor

No matter the distance, dragon boat races are some of the most intense minutes an athlete will ever experience. Paddle, drum, or steer and push yourself in ways you never thought possible!

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